Welcome to the Web Site of Preloka, a picturesque small village in Bela krajina. Preloka is where ethnologists, musicologists, photographers, filmmakers and many more always found something interesting, it is where especially those who enjoy a beautiful countryside and breathtaking panoramic views were always attracted to.

The village is watched over by the Holy Trinity Church, which has a rich and interesting history, while the local schoolhouse dates back to the period of Franz Josef reign.

It is where the cultural life has always been very active.
It is where folk song has a tradition of many centuries.
It is where back in 1914 the first sound recordings of Slovene folk songs were made.
It is where in 1940 a famous Slovene painter and filmmaker Božidar Jakac made his ethnological documentary entitled Bela krajina.
It is where people used to make the traditional instrument of Bela krajina tambura.
It is a village known for its folklore group. 
It is where theatrical group was once very active.
It is the home village of a well-known Slovene actor Stane Starešinič.
And finally, it is the village of people who value the heritage of their ancestors.

Where to find us?

The picturesque little village Preloka is situated on a hill high over the left bank of the river Kolpa, which offers a spectacular view. Preloka is located in the south-eastern part of Bela krajina region, along the road Vinica – Preloka –Adlešiči. The peak of the hill (302m), where the Holy Trinity Church and the schoolhouse are situated, and the hill Krtinjek (335m), which is situated west of the village, offer breathtaking view of the river Kolpa valley far into the neighbouring Croatia and on a clear day one can see all the way to Kamniške Alpe mountains.

Folklore group and tambura players

At home and abroad Preloka is best known for its folklore group and tambura players. The local dance Lepa Anka, which the group was named after (KUD Lepa Anka Preloka) is the oldest variant of this dance that was very widespread in the river Kolpa valley and the well-known dance Carska kasa originally existed only in Preloka. At the international folklore festival in Italian town of Gorizia in 1974 Preloka's folklore group was characterized as one of the most authentic, genuine folklore groups.